About Us

Who we are

Founded by Bevara Muralidhara Rao, fondly called by everyone as Murali (1968 ~ 2017) in 2016, to ensure a “Bright Morning Rise”, especially to those who are under constant challenges to meet the ends.
Murali had always dreamt a world that is free of poverty, where the basic needs of Food, Cloth, Shelter, Health and Education becomes an uphill task. His core dream was to mitigate the suffering from the lack of above.
Murali being a great leader himself; his vision remained, the people must be empowered and given more opportunities to rise and shine, irrespective of social standing. He idea of leadership was to make more leaders.

What we do

Share Food, Clothes, Books, Toys, Medicine and Knowledge. There’s nothing like giving a child hope about future and we bring the aspiring hands to take part in this noble mission of "today's happy children are tomorrow's responsible future".
Care about the suffering, below poverty line. Disease and poor health are crippling the world’s progress and BMR consolidates the compassionate individuals’ actions, to take part in this magnanimous “mission of mitigating the suffering”.
Praying for those in need of divine help and spiritual interventions, can give us an unparalleled fulfillment, something that is beyond any tangible expression. Generous minds can own a prayer request, "seeking aid through the almighty".

How we work

We channel your benevolence
Our aim is to both reach out the needy and be accessible to every genuine seeker. Our activities are solely dependent on the noble actions of generous people and we work through the motives of every contributor.
Let you feel the love in return
The core objective of helping those under the poverty line can be achieved only when we make this effort easier for benevolent hands, and show them back, of what happiness they have personally caused.

What makes BMR different

Philosophy of a great soul

BMR's only philosophy throughout his life, has been ‘Live and let Live’. His noble idea of ‘Bright Morning Rise’ is not to let any more children face what he had faced as a poor child. Not to let anyone face the suffering he had gone through during the intense battle with cancer, at a young age. It is ourduty to spread his philosophy and make his soul smiling eternally.

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