• Bharathi Bevara

    Double post graduate in both Mathematics and English, along with a degree in Bed. She comes with a vast experience of teaching and counselling. Equally benevolent hearted as BMR; as his wife, she matched his brilliance, philanthropy and philosophy. Mostly known to near and dear as a doctor for her passion towards health science, she takes up the mission of spreading BMR's philosophy to those underprivileged souls.

  • Giridhar Bevara

    MSs Psychology, Creative mind and a free soul at heart, Giridhar comes with considerable expertise in Films, Building and Farming in particular. Being the youngest brother of BMR - he is known in the inside circle, as a soul that can go to any extent when it matters, irrespective of the needy is known or unknown. Such a mindset makes him an automatic choice to take an active part of this mission of sharing and caring.v

  • Jagdeesh Kumar Macherla

    An Instrumentation engineer from BITS Pilani, highly successful IT professional, cofounder of the current AI based company he's working in California, brilliant academician, clinical in approach, a known trouble shooter and above all a diehard fan of BMR, comes with one-objective of making BMR’s dream come true.

  • SailajaKaranam

    A beautician by profession, mother by choice and the only sister of BMR – Sailu is one gigantically energetic soul to be around. Her love, affection and undividable attention to BMR, makes her an integral part of his vision.

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