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Share the wellbeing and care about humanity

Wellbeing is a fortunate state and this is one of the most desired things of the humankind. This, however is not a state that can belong to one and all. So, those who are fortunate, have the power of sharing it with the lesser privileged and in the divine wish to care about humanity. Even if it were to offer a meal to the hungry. Share a book, a toy, a piece of cloth, a strip of medicine or evenpraying for someone in divine need, you may never get to meet. The feeling of lifting someone out of suffering is an ultimate bliss and such experience isnít a mere chance. Itís a choice!!


Be the hope to the needy and poor below poverty line

While the philosophy of caring about humanity is the guideline; we identified, the people below poverty line are those who are suffering the most. It could be with sickness, foodlessness, no-education and not even an access to basic amenities like water, clothes and shelter. BMRís vision is to be the hope of the suffering, through joint efforts of bringing likeminded benevolent people together and serve.


Feed, Educate and Help the suffering
Joy of giving someone the BMR (Bright Morning Rise)
Collaborate with likeminded for a bigger 'Share & Care'

Need to educate and create awareness, help those who are in a state of helplessness, facilitate those who got no access to basic needs, encourage self-employment and inspire the leadership even from those hard conditions, prepare the children towards a safe and a hopeful future. Keep the trust accessible to the poor, needyand suffering, Keep the trust openly available for those activities for those needy, that requires a hand of boost to achieve its full potential.

  • Promote BMR through SNS and regular platforms for the awareness
  • Dedicated time, efforts and energies spent by the members of the BMR
  • Concerted efforts to bring the noble people together forconsistent deeds


Care, Concern and Collaboration

It is understood that, the fundamental value of empathy, which forms the basis of wanting to take a lead, to help the cause. Concern for others, wanting to care about the less privileged and the mammoth efforts that requires to bring together the noble people, will be the key objective.

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